Brooklyn Style Pizza

Brooklyn style pizza, originating in New York, is distinct from other pizza styles like New York or Neapolitan. It was introduced by Italian immigrants who initially made simple pizzas with basic ingredients. After World War II, more diverse toppings became available, leading to richer essences. Despite experimenting with different toppings, pizzerias maintained the crust. By the 1950s and 60s, Brooklyn style pizza gained wider recognition due to its unique features, such as foldable slices and basic and authentic taste.

What is Brooklyn Style Pizza?

Brooklyn Style Pizza is a thin, crispy pizza with a large size, usually between 18 and 45 inches. It has a thin crust and fewer toppings. It differs from deep-dish pizza like Chicago-style, known for its deep layers of sauce and cheese with thick crusts. It symbolizes Brooklyn’s diverse culture. Its key features include a thin and crispy crust, larger slices for folding, sparse toppings for distinct flavors, simple tomato sauce, a blend of cheeses for good melt and flavor, and baking in a very hot oven for a crispy crust and melted cheese.

Here are some additional interesting details about Brooklyn style pizza: 

  • This pizza is basically hand-stretched to ensure a consistently thin crust.
  • The dough of Brooklyn style pizza tends to have lower moisture content due to the hand-stretching process.
  • Brooklyn style pizzas generally feature fewer toppings and a simpler cheese blend because of the reduced toppings and cheese.
  • Brooklyn-style pizzas are sometimes considered healthier than other types.

Standard Recipe for Brooklyn Style Pizza:

This is the perfect article for you if you want to cook your own Brooklyn style pizza. This is a recipe of the traditional Brooklyn style pizza recipe that Domino’s and other places utilize.

Dough that has been stretched and thrown by hand is required first. The dough needs to be stretched to at least an 18-inch diameter and up to a maximum of 45 inches. For enhanced crispiness, baking the dough with additional cornmeal is advised.

A mixture of 45% mozzarella and 55% provolone cheese is suggested for toppings. It is also recommended to limit the quantity of toppings. For instance, pick two ingredients and leave out the other, such as mushrooms, garlic, olives, and meatballs; bake, serve, and savor!

Brooklyn Style Pizza Crust:

This pizza recipe is quick and simple and pizza has a thin, crunchy crust. The method is simple to follow. This pizza dish is perfect if you’re searching for something low effort and filling. The most important feature of Brooklyn pizza is thin and crispy crust as it is made from less yeast. Your thin crust will be crispy on the outside and soft and chewy inside because you will be using less yeast than with other pizza dough recipes and there won’t be any rising time.

Another important thing about this recipe is how simple it is to follow and make warm, fresh pizza on your kitchen table in just about 30 minutes. And also, with small number of low-cost ingredients 

Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza:

Brooklyn-style pizza was popular worldwide in 2006, only because of reintroduction by domino’s. Domino’s popularized Brooklyn-style pizza. Its toppings include pepperoni and sausage mixed with a bland tomato sauce. Usually, they use different kinds of cheese such as mozzarella cheese and provolone cheese, which gives it a strong flavor distinct from traditional pizzas. The Domino’s pizza has an oddly sweet crust that somehow manages to blend the characteristics of cotton and rubber. The Domino’s recipe then featured cornmeal cooked into the crust in order to make it even crispier.

Brooklyn Style Pizza v/s Thin Crust Pizza:

Despite some differing preferences, thin crust and Brooklyn style pizza are both famed for their crunchy, thin crusts. The key contrast lies in the crust: Brooklyn-style pizza boasts a thin, slightly thicker edge that imparts a chewy, somewhat crispy texture, while thin-crust pizza delivers a taste akin to pizza on a crisp. Additionally, thin-crust pizza offers a unique fusion of savory and sweet toppings, whereas Brooklyn-style pizza aims for a less pronounced sauce. Moreover, provolone and mozzarella cheese are commonly utilized in Brooklyn-style pizza, while mozzarella takes center stage in thin-crust pizza. These variations elevate each pizza style’s distinctive flavor.

Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza Reviews:

People have a lot of experiences and to share:

A Brooklyn style pizza… the best! It is a thin crust pizza with tomato sauce and low moisture mozzarella and domino’s serves it authentic, but is customizable and I chose a few fresh leaves on the top. As the pizza was authentic I chose to eat it like a native, folded it and enjoyed it.

Thin crust doesn’t make me feel like eating unhealthy food, it rather makes me satisfied.

Domino’s pizza, the Brooklyn Style pie’s is surprisingly thin, somewhat crisp), and much lighter and airy than the chain’s “Classic Hand-Tossed” crust.

It is taking me back to my Brooklyn days.

Authentic and tasty.


Eat to live, live to eat for both it’s a good choice. It is authentic, tasty and less unhealthy.

You are what you eat, I eat pizza so that I can be the best thing ever.

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