Factor Meals

What is Factor?

Factor or factor75 is a meal delivery service which offers completely prepared meals which are ready-to-eat. These meals are made to be both nutritious and fresh, serving individuals specific dietary needs. Factor meals provide a diet made with fresh ingredients, and customers can choose from a rotating weekly menu. Factor functions on a subscription basis, and offers access to dietitians. 

The meals are delivered to your doorstep freshly prepared. Factor75’s target is to make healthy eating easy by saving time and effort.

Factor Meals Menu:

Factor Meals provides a wide-ranging weekly menu created by dietitians and chefs, as well as more than 60 additional options. The meals are customized to different dietary requirements including. They offer various meal categories like Calorie Smart, Keto, and Chef’s Choice. In addition to main meals, Factor also offers add-ons like breakfast items, desserts, shakes, and extra protein options for further customization.

Factor Meals Price:

Factor meals offer delivery service on subscription bases. The meals are delivered fresh and require little preparation, only heating in the microwave or oven is enough. Here is Factor’s pricing:* 

Pricing* Overview:

6 meals per week: 13.49$ per meal 

8 meals per week: 12.99$ per meal 

10 meals per week: 12.49$ per meal 

12 meals per week: 11.99$ per meal 

14 meals per week: 11.49$ per meal 

18 meals per week: 10.99$ per meal 

* as of May 2024 

Factor Meals Reviews:

Everything has its pros and cons. Factor meals has generally received positive reviews for its convenience, variety, quality, taste, and nutrition. But also has some cons like way too expensive, not family friendly, and no do not provide customization for allergies. For the individuals living alone and want healthy, nutritious and fresh meals with no efforts, factor meal is the solution.

How to Cancel Factor Meals?

Deactivating your subscription to Factor Meals is simple, but follow a set of instructions. Here’s steps to follow:

Website: For Cancel Factor Meals through website the following steps is below:

1. Log In: Sign in to your account on the Factor website.

2. Account Settings: Go to ‘Account Settings’ from the main menu.

3. Plan Settings: Choose ‘Plan Settings’ from the left-hand options.

4. Deactivate My Plan: If available, click on ‘Deactivate My Plan’ and follow the instructions to cancel.

Phone: For Cancel Factor Meals through phone the following steps is below:

1. Gather Information

2. Contact Customer Support

Can You Freeze Factor Meals:

Yes, you can freeze Factor meals if you need to. Factor recommends eating their meals fresh for the best taste and quality, freezing is an option if you cannot consume them within the 7-day, as per recommended refrigerated shelf life. When freezing Factor meals, make sure to do so immediately in that closed package or transfer it in a container which is airtight. Frozen meals are tempered and reheated in the microwave.

Factor Meals Sign Up Process:

Creating a new account on factor meals is an easy task. Here’s steps to help you get started:

Steps to Create a Factor Meals Account:

Visit the Website: Go to the Factor Meals website.

Sign Up: Click  on the “Sign Up”.

Choose Your Plan: Select a meal plan. 

Create New Account: Enter your details which are asked like email address and a password. 

Select Meals: After creating your account, select your meals.

Provide Delivery Information: Enter your delivery address and choose your preferred delivery date.

Payment Information: Provide your payment details to complete the subscription setup. Factor accepts major credit cards and sometimes other payment methods like PayPal.

Review and Confirm: Review your selections, delivery details, and payment information. Confirm your subscription to finalize the account creation process.

Factor Meals Login Process:

To log in to your Factor Meals account, follow these steps:

Visit the Website: Go to the Factor Meals website.

Locate the Login Button: Click on the “Login” button.

Enter Your Details: Input your registered details.

Access Your Account: Click the “Sign In” button to enter your account.

What are X Factor Meals?

“X Factor Meals” basically refers to a meal delivery service or a specific meal plan that focuses on providing nutritious and balanced meals custom specialized for individuals aiming to achieve a specific health or fitness goal. These meals are designed to offer something unique or exceptional. X Factor Meals aim to provide convenient, healthy, and satisfying meals to support overall well-being.

Are Factor Meals Healthy?

In the health benefits aspect, Factor meals can help individuals maintain a balanced diet without the hassle of meal preparation. They are often portion-controlled, which can assist in weight management or specific health goals. Factor meals provide nutrient-dense and satisfying ready-to-eat options. Factor meals promote better eating habits. Factor meals cater to specific dietary needs and make it reach a bigger audience. Factor meals give a beneficial solution for individuals looking to maintain or improve their health through well balanced and thoughtfully prepared meals.

Factor Meals for Weight Loss:

Factor meals are best for weight loss for many reasons: portion-controlled, no need for calorie counting and helping maintain a calorie deficit. These meals are customized by nutritionists, providing essential nutrients while promoting fat loss. Factor meals also consist of high-quality, wholesome ingredients. Overall, Factor meals provide an easy, nutritious, and effective way to control proteins, maintain calories, and support healthy eating habits, crucial for successful weight loss.


In summary, Factor meals provide a convincing option for people, looking for a convenient and effective way to have a fresh and nutritious diet. Factor meals not only help in weight loss but also support complete well-being. Factor meals eliminate the stress of meal preparation. Factor meals offer a sustainable approach to reaching health objectives.

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